A stain on your ceiling or wall, white/dark powdery stuff that grows on bricks or foundation, or even a musty smell in the property; whatever the source, the culprit is water, and the damage can be severe. Mold requires several conditions to grow. It needs food, moisture, and the right temperature. Once these are met, spores may germinate after 12 hours and can start to grow within 24 to 48 hours. How quickly molds colonize depends on what kind of mold it is, but it can occur after 1 to 12 days. This rapid development of mold spores can germinate to the point in which it can cause a hazardous condition to those breathing the air in the mold contaminated area. This is why it is essential to act immediately once you have discovered a mold infested area. If you have mold in your property and are not sure what to do, call Countywide Public Adjusters. Our team of experts will help find resolutions to your situation.

Countywide Public Adjusters is an experienced Licensed Public Adjusting firm which has provided assistance to homeowners and businesses in settling their claims by assessing and documenting every detail of the damage/loss sustained.

We specialize in:

  • Maximizing
  • Expediting
  • Receiving a fair settlement
  • Helping our clients recover financially through insurer payout of their claim.

Therefore, put the expertise of Countywide Public Adjusters on your side.

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Do you know you have up to 5 years to reopen an old claim? If you feel like you did not get the settlement you deserve, let us know as you are a call away from getting the help you need with your insurance claim!